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Health Insurance Products

SuperMed One - Ohio Farm Bureau Plan

MMO-OFB Contracting (Please download and complete all 3 forms)

MMO Appointment How To

MMO Ohio Insurance Producer Agreement

MMO Writing Producer Agreement


Benefit Plan Descriptions   Applications & Forms
Farm Bureau Membership Benefits  6/9/13   OFB-MMO Application   1/16/12
OFB-MMO Exclusions    List Bill Policyholder Agreement
OFB HD Plans     List Bill Guidelines
OFB HSA Plans     Employer List Bill Agreement
OFB 80% Plans    First Horizon HSA  
OFB 90% Plans     Medco Formulary list 
OFB Value Plans     OFB Quote Request
OFB EyeMed Access Benefit   PNC HSA Account Application 
EyeMed Discount Plan       
OFB Dental Plan    
OFB-MMO Brochure  
"Benefit Plan Description Sheets" should be sent with brochure


Provider Networks
EyeMed Network  
Super Med Plus PPO


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